Remember the Work

I've waited a LONG TIME to post this!
Back in October of 2022 I decided to make a sweater. My first EVER sweater. After entering the One Lupine Fiber Arts shop in Bangor and getting COMPLETELY inspired by their hand-dyed selection of natural wool, it just had to happen! (shameless plug for this special Bangor small business)...
Anyway...I had never made a sweater before. It seemed daunting! But determined to make it for my bestie for her Birthday in November. It would be challenging to get it done, but worth a shot. I got to work.
I FINALLY finished on the last night of her Birthday trip to New Mexico, and was SO EXCITED to give it to her... but the head hole was TOO SMALL so I took it home.
How am I gonna fix that without destroying it?! With the help of my knit-master mother, I unraveled the part needed, and fix it!
I gave it back to Salome in January when she came to Florida for an art show, and I was so excited it fit! But it was late that night so we didn't take a picture.
It only took her 5 MONTH to send a photo of her wearing this now epic saga sweater!
So here we are. Sweater complete. Story complete. Life is good!
I love you!!! So glad it looks so good on you!

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