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Are you struggling with something that seems so much bigger than anything you can handle? Does it feel like the world is crashing in one brick at a time? Are you watching something unravel in front of your eyes feeling powerless to stop it?

Important matters deserve importunate prayers. The Word of God is filled with stories like this. Men and women of FAITH call on the Name of the Lord to fight for them!

Abraham is pleading for the salvation of Sodom and Gomorrah;
Jacob wrestling all night with the Angel of the Lord (Gen 32: 24-31);
Moses prayed through 40 days and nights so he could hear God on behalf of the people of Israel (Exodus 34:28, Deut 9:9-11,10:10).

Our mixed motives do not weaken the fact that GOD LISTENS TO OUR PRAYERS!

Jesus taught us to be relentless in our requests of the Lord (Luke 11: 5-10). To ask for anything according to HIS will with shameless audacity and persistence.

This type of prayer stirs the deepest part of the soul toward the throne of heaven.

Repent for anything that might be separating you from Jesus (Father forgive me, I know I have ...fill in the blank), and thank Him for all He has done for you already. Remind yourself of his promises by reading scripture out loud, proclaiming the power of Jesus Christ over your life. Then, with humble submission, approach the throne of grace with bold audacity and expectations.


Watch the Lord of all creation fight for you, is CHILD. Watch him breaking chains, moving mountains, and removing the enemy in a powerful glorious way! 🙌 Praise to our Father in heaven!


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