One Week

Do you ever think about what it must have been like to walk WITH Jesus during this week of his life?
The days leading up to his death, to witness him being questioned by the religious leaders... having to go about his daily business before the most epic betrayal of all time... realizing he was leaving his friends and followers but couldn't explain because they wouldn't understand...the sorrow he must have felt... the fear knowing what the Roman crucifixion entailed yet when the guards came for him he STEPPED FORWARD to meet them? Never running away, but actively pursuing God's will?
I'm not like that. I would hide. Or run. Probably run and hide at the same time. Shoot, sometimes when I pray God asks me to do something simple like... intercede in prayer for the leaders of the nation. How easy is that?! Just sit in your cozy chair (that he provided) in your warm house (that he provided) drinking your frothy cup of coffee (yes, that he provided) and PRAYYYYY... and yet some days I'm like..."mmmm, nah, not today God. I'm tired." 🙄🤦‍♀️ So embarrassing. I sit before God, who has literally dragged me out of the depths of hell, and I'm too tired to P R A Y?? Sometimes I hang my head in shame for being so weak and selfish.
ESPECIALLY when I think about Jesus and how actively and selflessly he loved us with such intention!
Will you join me this week in prayer? Even if you are out of practice, let's pray.
Active, intentional prayer.
Thank God for all He is and all he has done.
Repent for any sins we have committed, and for being too busy to spend time with the wonderful God of the universe.
Pray, not just for our needs, but the needs of our community, our destitute, our soldiers, our sick, our leaders, the China-Iran-Saudi-Russian alliance (how scary is THAT?!), our children, the future of America, and pour out blessings on the world.
Let's collectively call on the Holy Spirit to intervene and disrupt the plans of the enemy as we remember what Jesus did for us this week.
Prayer changes things.
It is the most powerful thing we can do on behalf of those we love.


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