Coffee and a Pat

I took an opportunity to nanny a couple sweet girls from my church this summer. It has been an absolute blast, and the biblical lessons that apply every morning are astounding.
This morning as I relax and drink a cup of coffee at our local McDonald's after dropping them off at camp...I wonder if I have reached the stage in life where I will start coming to have a cup of coffee at McDs in the mornings...
Maybe I should invite some friends? 
Maybe as my white hair grows in, my McDs clan will also grow?
Maybe I should prepare and buy a red hat? 
Maybe I should bring cards?
Or Cribbage!?
As I contemplate deep thoughts an older couple walk in together...maybe in their mid 70s...and as I stare off into space contemplating my future as a McDs regular....
I watch the lovely white haired lady grope her husband's butt while he orders breakfast!

They still got it!
And my future is laid out before me.


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